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Nihmune net worth

American virtual YouTuber and Twitch streamer Akuma Nihmune has a large following. She became well-known for her Twitch account, where she broadcasts live videos to viewers across the world. So far, she has around 200,000 viewers on the streaming service. Keep reading to learn more about her identity, family, ethnicity, nationality, height, weight, wiki, bio, net worth, height, and weight.


Nihmune Wiki/Biography


Nihmune was born in the United States to parents of American descent. To the contrary, she has kept her actual date of birth a secret. She is recognized by the moniker Numi, but her astrological sign is a mystery. She graduated from a local school whose name is lost to history. However, Numi has been silent about her academic background.


Nihmune is highly protective of her privacy. Thus, she does her best to separate her home life and business life. There is currently no information available about her relatives. She has never been married and is still single.


Nihmune Bio


Nickname Numi
Profession Virtual YouTuber & Twitch streamer
Age Mid 20s
Birthplace United States
Hometown United States
Nationality American
Religion Christianity
Hobbies Traveling
Famous For Streaming on Twitch


Face Reveal: Nihmune


For Nihmune’s devoted followers, the long-awaited unveiling of her face remains one of the greatest mysteries. Noombas is a term she uses to describe her devoted followers. She uses an animated figure, like any other YouTuber, who appears on the left side of the screen whenever she streams. The protagonist she choose is a tall purple-haired guy.


Even though her followers have asked her to show her true face several times, she has never done so. Past VTubers have frequently shown their true identities (for example, Veibae). To be clear, it does not appear that Numi is currently involved in this particular case.


The internet is plenty of photos of her that purport to be from the early 2000s. However, they are all hoaxes because she has never posted her own photo online. You’d have to be personally acquainted with her or wait until she acted to see her true appearance.


Age and Appearance of Nihmune


Nihmune hasn’t revealed her exact age, but she’s probably in her mid-20s. We don’t know what she looks like because she has yet to show us an actual photo of herself. After each face reveal, this data would be refreshed.



Nihmune is a freelance online video blogger. She has yet to receive funding from a large VTuber agency like the vast majority of VTubers have in order to rise to prominence on the web. She first appeared publicly on November 19, 2021, and hasn’t stopped since.


She first went live in November, although she has experience with more typical streams as well. She had around 15,000 Twitch viewers prior to her debut. Over 35,000 people had joined her live-streaming community by the end of that year. She does everything from reacting to internet content to playing video games in her videos as a Virtual YouTuber. The Forest, Persona 4 Golden, Friday the 13th: The Game, etc. are just a few of the titles she streams regularly.


But it was thanks to her engaging live broadcasts that she became widely known. She only broadcasts a few times weekly, but her average concurrent viewership is well over 3k. She currently has more than 195k Twitch subscribers.


Despite the fact that her 205k YouTube followers make her channel the more prominent of the two, she uses this one to showcase her Twitch streams and release original songs. Her musical career spans several years. True, to date, she has dropped not one but two EPs in addition to her LP. In June of 2022, she published her first album, Carry Me Home. Her current top-performing hit is CPR, which has been streamed over 1.3 million times on Spotify.


Nihmune Net Worth

As of right now, Nihmune has a net worth of $200,000. (estimated). Her primary revenue generators are Twitch and music. As a participant in the Twitch Partner Program, she is able to monetize her channel through a number of means. She primarily finances her career through advertisements, contributions, and fan support. Furthermore, she supplements her revenue through subscription plans and individual sponsorships.


TwitchTracker reports that she has 4,727 paying viewers. By all accounts, she brings in at least $11,000 a month through memberships alone. If she can get a sponsor for one of her streams, she can increase her earnings even further.


As for the music itself, she makes money off of people listening to her original songs online. Typically, you can find her music on platforms like YouTube and Spotify. She could earn a fortune if her music gets a lot of airplay. Additionally, she has an upmarket web store, where she sells goods. She included non-clothing items like posters, stickers, and hats on her list and clothing.




  • She was an ADD/ADHD patient
  • She keeps a dog named Norkie as a pet and adores canines.
  • Numi presently has more than 61k monthly listeners on Spotify.
  • She runs the Noomba Ville Discord server, which has about 17,000 users, and is a partner there
  • She signed up for Twitter in February 2021 and has since amassed over 13 thousand followers.
  • Nihmunebusiness[at]gmail[dot]com is her professional email address.


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