Modern Girls Hairstyles for Short, Medium, and Long Hair

new hair trends for women

It’s a waste of time to try to convince a lady of the importance of hairstyle to her overall appearance. In the end, our hair is one of our most valued things and requires special care and attention. You need not worry about losing your sense of self or your sense of style if you follow our advice on how to look and feel great at all hours of the day and night. Keep reading to learn about the hottest new hair trends for women that you can try out on your own locks to always seem chic and on-trend. We made sure to include a variety of cuts for short, long, and medium hair.


New Hair Trends For Women


Smoothed out pixie Medium wavy cut with bangs
Textured pixie Extremely short bob with bangs
Messy wob Razor cut hairstyle for a short pixie with undercut
Long Bob with side bangs Short equal length wavy haircut
Multi-layers for long hair Short pixie with straight hair and undercut
Layers with a bang Bangs for medium hair
Layered Bob Trending undercut
Classic uniform length Basic Undercut
Messy shaggy look Short bangs are back



1.      Smoothed out pixie


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The pixie cut is a short haircut that features shorter hair on the back and sides and longer bangs on the front. Putting your asymmetrical bangs to one side is a fashionable way to disguise their unevenness.


A girl with an adventurous spirit would love this edgy haircut. Pixie haircuts as a whole tend to be short and spiky, but the smoothed out pixie is an option for individuals who prefer a less edgy style. You can tame the locks and style them in a side part. You’ll achieve a polished look that’s at home with both relaxed and dressy attire.


2.      Textured pixie

A textured pixie cut is achieved by shortening the genuine pixie’s long tresses and giving them a chaotic appearance. Then, use some styling lotion to get your hair damp, and scrunch it up into a fashionable dishevelled mess. When you’re a girl who likes to try new things with her hair, this is the kind of haircut you can’t pass up.


3.      Messy wob

Surely you’re familiar with the women’s hairdo known as the Bob. The new “Wob” style can be achieved by combining this with a waved haircut. One of the most fashionable cuts for women this year is a bob with soft waves. It gives your hair the “just rolled out of bed” appearance you’ve been going for by giving it some much-needed flair and drama. On the other hand, you can always choose to wear your bob straight if that’s what you like. However, a messy wob makes a much more striking statement than a straight cut, and it does wonders for your hair volume, so it deserves special mention.


4.      Bob with bangs

This is a tried-and-true style for medium hair, and fortunately it’s as simple as it seems: just get a fringe and trim the rest of your hair to the same length. If you’re a lady who values minimalism but doesn’t want to skimp on style, you ought to check out the latest crop cut. This is a universally flattering hairstyle for women. This haircut will make you look chic and confident, whether you’re in a casual get-together with a pal or a board meeting with the managing directors.


5.      Long hair layers


Styling lengthy hair can get tedious very quickly. Given the size and scope, there may not be many viable alternatives. Given this dilemma, several long layers are typically considered when thinking about hairstyles for ladies with long hair. Long, layered cuts not only give your hair a fashionable new look, but also give the impression that it is healthy, thick, and stylish all at once. Since taking care of your mane is so important, you should use a high-quality shampoo.


6.      Layers with a bang


If we’re talking about enhancing the look with layers, how about cutting in some bangs? This women’s hairstyle gives you a touch of glamour while yet letting your lovely, everyday-girl personality shine through. This trendy new cut is all the rage among Hollywood A-listers and style bloggers because it allows you to break yourself from the pack without completely straying from the standard.


7.      Layered Bob


This is one another way to add glitz to an otherwise conventional bob, much like the wob. Ask your stylist to give you a short cut in the same shape as a bob, but with the addition of layers. This stylish hairstyle can do wonders for your appearance, especially if you are searching for haircuts for females with round faces. This short hairstyle for women, when paired with some adorable hair accessories, is guaranteed to get you a lot of attention.


8.      Traditional length equality


This lengthy cut may be ideal for the woman who prefers tried-and-true styles. Get your hair cut down to the same length as everyone else’s. If you want a professional tip, have your hair cut using razors instead of scissors. Just the perfect amount of modern style can be added to this otherwise timeless ensemble by adding this.


9.      Rough and tumble style


Go for the messy bangs with bob appearance if you want the world to know that your personal style is a blend of ease and cool. It’s a great way to seem cool and edgy without losing your femininity. What’s even better? This trendy women’s cut requires less upkeep. This is the best choice if you’d rather spend those precious morning hours reading and responding to crucial emails than worrying about your hair.


10.  Wavy cut with bangs


This is another another example of a kind of girl’s haircut that just won’t die. Timeless and uncomplicated, this cut can do wonders for bringing out your greatest features and refining the contour of your face. Beachy waves or a splash of vivid colour are two ways to upgrade this look.


11.  Short bob with bangs


This one is for the courageous hearts who enjoy experimenting with their hair on a daily basis. This style is far from typical and might help you channel your inner fearless diva. When obtaining a bob, ask your hairdresser to make it incredibly short. You can choose a length that’s just right for you, anywhere from touching your temple to draping over your ears. Your new short bob hairstyle will look even more unique with bangs that are shorter than typical.


12.  Razor cut pixie undercut


This one’s for the women who have been endowed with beautiful waves or curls but have no idea how to wear them creatively. This undercut is proof that even the simplest haircut can look cool with a little bit of edginess added to it. Cut your hair short into a pixie style, concentrating it to one side. You can become the embodiment of the spirit of a rockstar from the 1990s just by shaving off a small section on the opposite side to achieve the obscure under-cut.


13.  Short wavy cut


This trendy hairdo for women is sure to turn heads and have you feeling like you just stepped out of New York Fashion Week. This beautiful and surprisingly straightforward hairstyle for women brings out the best in every woman. Although slight adjustments have been made to this haircut throughout the years, the general concept is still the same. Simply trim your hair to a regular length, and then create subtle waves. A stylish hairband is the perfect finishing touch.


14.  Straight pixie with undercut


We’ve been talking about pixie cuts a lot, I know. Of all the unconventional cuts for women, the pixie cut is by far the most popular. This modern take on a traditional hairstyle works especially well with fine, straight hair. Give your straight hair a pixie cut and add an undercut for added edge. Sleek, fashionable, and seductive in the perfect measure. Temporarily colouring your undercut is another way to achieve a stunning appearance.


15.  Bangs for medium hair


Getting this fashionable haircut will be the best thing you ever did for your appearance if your hair is straight and medium length. This chic haircut is appropriate for both professional and casual settings, and can help you seem and feel more put together. You’ll be the trendiest woman in town with those adorable bangs.


16.  Trending undercut


All girl haircuts, at their core, serve the function of offering a vehicle for self-expression. Furthermore, a designer undercut may be a safe bet if you want to project the same eccentricity as you do in reality. Choose a design that speaks to you and have your barber create an undercut in that style. What’s even better? If you’re worried about how this style will be received in more conservative environments, simply wearing your hair down will hide the pattern. It really is that easy!


17.  The Bare Minimum Undercut


If you want to obtain an edgy haircut but find the preceding style too out there, you may always opt for a classic under-cut. As an alternative to your regular haircut, try this one out to give your appearance a little more pzazz. The ideal size of the affected region is up to your choice. Put your hair in a topknot to draw attention to this feature of your physical appearance, and get ready for people to give you a hard time.


18.  The return of short bangs


We can always count on the fashions we thought were long gone, like bell bottoms and chokers, to make a comeback. The ’90s fad for short bangs has made a dramatic comeback. Though this popular girl’s haircut may give you pause, you can be assured that it has unquestionable glam cred. If you have a small, round face, short bangs will do wonders to draw attention to your features.


Popular Hair Colors


Blonde Ends Charismatic coral
Burgundy babe Ombre Obsession
Pretty in pastels Teal the deal



1.      Blonde Ends


Blonde is a pejorative term, but if someone uses it to attack you, take it as a compliment because you are considered hip and current even if you were born before the term was even coined. You could send them this article if their doubts persist. In the name of science and all that. Despite the jokes, the blonde-tipped dark hairstyle has remained a perennial favourite. This includes the year 2021.


2.      Burgundy babe


And for Indian skin tones in particular, burgundy’s rich, deep tones are a perfect compliment. You can get highlights all over your head, or you can colour your hair from root to tip. You can also choose to dye just the tips of your hair a vibrant burgundy colour.


3.      Pretty in pastels


This is a relatively new addition to the list of popular girl’s hairstyles, and it’s already making waves. Light and airy, pastel tones are a visual delight. This year, why not dye your hair a pastel shade? It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer variety of pastel tones. If you want to stand out from the mango crowd, pastel hair colors are your best bet, whether your favourite shade is pink or purple.


4.      Charismatic coral


Warm colours, regardless of the huge range of Indian skin tones, always manage to highlight our best attributes when we’re in the limelight. If you want to make a bold statement about your joyful and outgoing nature, try dying your hair a coral colour. If the idea of having a head of brilliant coral hair intrigues you but you’d rather play it safe, you can always only colour the tips of your hair to add a splash of colour and personality to your regular style.


5.      Ombre Obsession


Ombre hair is another popular style that never seems to go out of style. An ombre hairstyle represents the trend of mixing multiple shades of colour gradually, typically from lighter to deeper tones, down the length of your hair, and it adds a tonne of sophistication and elegance. This outfit is ideal for the contemporary woman of fashion.


6.      Teal the deal


If we’re discussing the most up-to-date tendencies in women’s hair colour, we can’t ignore teal. This more sophisticated shade of blue and green makes for a striking and mysterious hairstyle. And, well, if seeing Kylie Jenner with teal hair isn’t proof of its fashionableness, I don’t know what is.


Beautiful Hair Accessory Sets


Overly descriptive hairpins Hair ties made of luxurious velvet
Clips made of pearls Bold bows


1.      Overly descriptive hairpins


In 2019, the most popular trend is to say as little as possible while yet making your point clear. And bobby pins with embellished inscriptions are a popular new hair accessory for just that reason. Pick a word that sums up how you feel and use this evocative clip to secure a strand of hair. You can bet your pals will be hounding you for details about where you obtained them.



2.      Clips made of pearls


This is the perfect hair item for you if you have an unquenchable thirst for romance and spend your nights fantasising about the elegance of classic Parisian nights. Pearls are a classic accessory that never go out of style and do wonders for a woman’s appearance. With the widespread popularity of pearl hair clips right now, you can never go wrong with your hair.


3.      Hair ties made of luxurious velvet


Velvet, one of the most lusted-after fabrics ever, is now available in the form of fashionable headbands. Velvet hairbands are both aesthetically pleasing and easy to wear, and they will inject a healthy dose of drama into even the most mundane of hairdos. What’s even better? It’s practical and fashionable; it keeps your hair out of your face. This is the perfect combination of style and function; it’s perfect.


4.      Bold bows


A pretty bow in your hair is like giving yourself the best possible present. Whether you’re wearing silk, velvet, or cotton, a bow may transform your outfit into a sweetly feminine one. You can wear your hair in a ponytail with a bow, or you can go for the more feminine side braids.




This concludes our extensive look at contemporary women’s hair trends. Feel free to try out new styles by experimenting with your hair, clothing, and accessories. Don’t forget to bring a crate full of assurance in yourself, and gurl, you’ll be the envy of every fashion editor in the land.


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