How to Stop a Nasal Drip and Get Rid of Congestion

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It’s that point of yr once more. No, we’re not speaking about pumpkin spice season, we’re referring to the my-nose-is-constantly-running-from-September-through-spring season. Every part from allergic reactions to COVID-19 to the common cold or flu tends to worsen when the air will get cooler, and a runny nostril (even when it’s comparatively delicate) generally is a fairly annoying challenge related to all of them. The worst half? All that dripping can final from 10 to 14 days, in accordance with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). That’s fairly a little bit of snot, actually.

At its core, a nostril that received’t cease operating is your physique’s approach of responding to a set off, Quintin M. Cappelle, MD, an ENT-otolaryngologist on the Mayo Clinic, tells SELF. Specifically, all of it comes all the way down to some type of irritant—like an allergen or a virus—spurring irritation contained in the noses or sinuses, which revs up your mucus glands.

In some circumstances, the immune system appropriately responds to assist struggle off no matter’s stirring up hassle. Within the case of a virus, the additional mucus is an effective factor—it helps flush all of the unhealthy stuff proper out. Within the case of allergic reactions, the irritation is triggered by a usually innocent substance (like mildew spores being launched by rotting leaves), he says, which isn’t often a risk to the physique until you could have a situation like allergic bronchial asthma.

A runny nostril is simply part of life throughout chilly and flu season, however you possibly can really feel a bit much less depressing with some residence care. Right here’s the way to eliminate the fixed mucus drip as quick as potential, in accordance with consultants.

First, you’ll wish to determine what’s inflicting your runny nostril.

Finally, if you’re combating with a runny nostril, you’re in good firm. Nasal congestion is likely one of the most frequent signs that docs see.2 Determining what’s inflicting your nostril to be a gushing snot faucet could be instrumental in treating it.

In case you’re additionally sneezing and coping with itchy, watery eyes or a scratchy throat, you could possibly have seasonal allergies, or allergic rhinitis, that are triggered by out of doors allergens similar to mildew, ragweed, and sure bushes or indoor allergens, like pet dander, mud mites, and cockroaches, Nicole J. Van Groningen, MD, an inner drugs specialist at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, tells SELF.

Typically, different irritants could be fueling the fixed mucus movement, says Dr. Van Groningen. That features issues like fragrances (yep, even from burning candles), cleansing merchandise, or very chilly air. “These aren’t technically allergens, however can nonetheless produce a response of congestion and a runny nostril,” she says. Air pollution may additionally be on that record, notably relating to year-round nasal signs, in accordance with a 2017 research revealed within the American Journal of Respiratory Cell and Molecular Biology, however extra analysis is required.1

Nevertheless, in case your runny nostril is accompanied by a fever or chills, headache, physique aches, or a sore throat, it’s most likely a chilly, the flu, or COVID-19, that are all brought on by viruses that may set off related signs, per the CDC. There are a couple of variations, although. A chilly is usually milder than the flu and COVID-19; you’re additionally much less prone to have a fever with a chilly, and also you shouldn’t have a fever with allergic reactions.

In case you expertise a change or loss in your style and odor, you’re most likely coping with COVID-19, in accordance with the CDC, however this symptom can nonetheless happen with any respiratory an infection that impacts the nasal passages. In case you have any cold- or flu-like signs, it’s greatest to take an at-home COVID take a look at, and ensure the outcomes with a PCR take a look at at your physician’s workplace, in case you can, so you possibly can take acceptable precautions in case you do take a look at constructive. Generally, you’ll wish to keep residence in case you’re not feeling effectively, no matter what made you sick.

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