How to Decide the Best Way to Store Cannabis Oil?

Best Way to Store Cannabis Oil

It’s a nightmare to discover that anything you saved has spoiled the moment you open your eyes. Any time you discover that a product you own has gone bad or has passed its expiration date, your first thought is likely to be on what went wrong or whether you purchased an already spoiled item. The fact that all products eventually expire is a given, but there is a Best Way to Store Cannabis Oil to keep them fresh for as long as possible. And it’s the same for any form of cannabis.


You may find cannabis oil for sale from reliable vendors both online and in local cannabis dispensaries. It could spoil like any other consumable, whether it’s natural or manmade. This means you have to be careful with it if you want it to retain its quality for a long time. If you’re curious about the numerous options available to you, read on!


Degradation Conditions of Cannabis Oil


If you want to know how to protect your cannabis oil from going bad, you need to know what causes it to go bad in the first place. Decomposition of oil is aided by the following factors:




It emits both ultraviolet and infrared radiation. Light has a rapid degrading effect on cannabis oil since it is photosensitive. In contrast, it is not much affected by artificial light.




Airborne particles and chemicals, such as oxygen, accelerate the breakdown of cannabinoids in cannabis oil.




When exposed to high temperatures, cannabinoids degrade and lose their therapeutic benefits (CBD and THC). Because of this, cannabis oil has a short shelf life.




it builds a mould on the oil and degrades it, and could render it unusable.


After learning about the potential threats to your cannabis oil supply, you’ll be better equipped to keep an eye on things and keep your oil fresh. When deciding how to safely keep cannabis oil on hand, it’s important to think about both the container and the location. Also, check out some articles on og kush cultivation for more information.


Storing Cannabis Oil


Until you figure out how to keep your oil fresh for as long as possible, you should only purchase products that have not expired or are still well inside their expiration window. When you feel secure in your abilities, you’ll be able to choose the best method of storage. Some possible methods are listed below.


Consider Oil Packaging


The vast majority of cannabis oil products are sold in plastic bottles. This container is ideal because it protects the oil from contamination in the event that it is dropped into water or if other liquids are spilled upon it. In turn, this stops it from being moist, leading to the production of some deterioration in it and hastening its destruction.


It is also important to store the oil in airtight containers to avoid any contamination from air. Decomposition of cannabinoids is hastened by the action of air particles. The only way to prevent the oil from oxidising when exposed to air is to keep it in its container at all times. However, be sure that the bottle is sealed to avoid some additional air filling it up. Make sure your cannabis oil is stored in the right container, is well sealed, and is clearly labelled if you want it to last a long time without going bad.


Make Sure It’s Never Exposed To Sunlight


There are warnings on a number of products to avoid exposing them to sunlight. CBD oil from cannabis is the same. But have you ever pondered why they are so specific with direct sunlight? It’s due to the many wavelengths of light present in sunlight, as well as in infrared and ultraviolet.


While the sun’s rays are necessary for the cannabis plant development, they quickly become an annoyance when extracting the plant’s oil. They speed up the oil’s decomposition because of its photosensitivity.


If you expose anything to sunlight frequently enough, you’ll see it change colour over time. The oil has gone rancid because of the change in colour. Because of this, you should store your oil somewhere that is cool and dark, out of the direct sunlight; a refrigerator or freezer is an excellent choice. An additional option is to keep your oil out of the light by storing it in a dark container.


The Best Possible Location for Your Stuff


Locating a suitable location in which to keep your cannabis oil shouldn’t be difficult. Most liquid products, as you may have seen from reading the instructions attached to their packaging, prefer to be kept in a cool, dry environment.


Like any other oil, cannabis oil requires a special storage environment, such as a cool, dry spot or the back of the fridge. Keeping your oil in a cool, dry location protects it from the heat that might destroy its therapeutic benefits. The use of freezers and refrigerators is beneficial in this scenario because they enable the oil to be preserved for an extended period of time by maintaining both its frozen and room temperature states.




It’s not easy to figure out how to keep anything, and cannabis oil is no exception. Knowing what you need to do and how to do it should make it less of a problem, though. Cannabis oil is a delicate good, yet not very perishable. Although, like any other perishable item, it needs to be stored correctly to ensure a long shelf life. You may find the approaches we’ve covered useful in this regard.

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